The way I see it, it's my job to make you your customer's hero. 
You'll become their hero when you connect with them. And a workhorse website, a site that actively engages your audience through meaningful, customer-centric content, is the best tool on the planet to accomplish that. 
Websites shouldn't sit there looking pretty. They should educate your prospects. They should show that you actually like them! And by showing that you not only understand their pain, but identify with it and want to help, you'll become their hero with the product or service you provide.
My 20-year design & writing history has taken me from preparing large-scale illustrations to painting wall murals. In between, I became an intrepid reporter for a mid-size newspaper, wrote some magazine articles & designed and wrote a personal blog about creative things. 
Exposure to so much design and writing progressed organically into graphic design. I began freelancing in 2011, producing a variety of brochures, flyers, business cards, & trade show materials for a variety of businesses. Logos & identity packages followed along with website-building. I started specializing in working with small businesses & other entrepreneurs. 
WordPress was an eye-opener, allowing me to build beautiful, professional sites faster, thereby saving my clients money & time while enhancing their online presence in a big way.
I'm dedicated to working with businesses that are ready to step out of an outdated or routine web existence and into a dynamic growth mode. Please contact me so we can get to work on that!
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